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i saw an add on a my space sight, for perfectmatch.com.said free search + view profiles.

well, i got on ,took ALL this time filling everything out.

+ everytime i tried to do anything, it asked for $. so i wrote, complained + even said that took alot of time i wasted on that away from my child. so ms. wilson wrote back saying she activated a 3 day trail.

( great, thanks) well, i got on the next day. it said i was rejected! to find out why, click here? so i did.

asked why? no answer. i wrote to ms. wilson, asked ,what's going on?

no answer !

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Twix Hicksville, New York, United States #31011

:? Why would you even think that anything advertised on myspace is real??That was your first mistake.

Have you never gotten any weird pop-ups when you use myspace? For Pete's sake, the website is not even protected or secured. My thing is, after the first two times it asked for money, that was a cue to exit from the site and find something else more believable.

Don't take time away from your child to be naive about commonsense stuff like this!I'm hoping you never paid a dime during any of this?!?

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